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· The question of the week is this, I have an E2 hitch on a 1500 Sierra and pulling a 30’ Northtrail and I am experiencing trailer sway. · Installed Fastway E2 Equalizer Hitch. 6 out of 5 stars 311. How do you set up an E2 hitch? It is also really. KEEP THIS MANUAL in a safe place as a reference for regular adjustment and maintenance. Not only is it supporting up to 10000 lbs, but the construction is durable, and it offers a magnificent weight distribution while also lowering the stress placed on your vehicle.

Easy online ordering or call etrailer. I&39;m not sure if it&39;s entirely "correct" - but had little choice in the installation. sized for your hitch head. 2 out of 5 stars 19. Lowest price guaranteed, same day shipping, thousands of e2 hitch reviews. The Equal-i-zer hitch’s integrated 4-Point Sway Control™ technology provides the e2 hitch owners manual safest towing possible and is backed by a lifetime warranty. The e2 hitch’s rigid brackets give you built-in sway control, so you get on the road faster. No hitch setup guarantees that trailer sway will be altogether avoided.

The L brackets create high friction on the WD bars and create a level of anti e2 hitch owners manual sway control. · E2 hitches generally mount between 24-27"(from center of trailer coupler to center of bracket) for the round bar style and 27-30" for the trunnion style. Weight Capacity: 800 lbs TW / 8000 lbs GTW. Its rigid brackets give you permanent sway control for smarter, safer towing. Fastway e2 Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitches with Sway Control, 8000 lb. - posted in Problems, Solutions & After Market: Well, Got my E2 Equalizer hitch installed over the weekend.

trailer weight, 800 lb. Home-> Tow_Vehicles-> Hitches-> E2. 4K Owner&39;s Manual Manual. Its unique design provides a level ride while minimizing sway caused by winds, semi trailers and sudden maneuvers.

Download Trancend Owner&39;s Manual Rev 06. e qu alizer hitch. - Get the correct shank with the proper drop or rise. The e2™ hitch gives you faster and easier sway control and weight distribution without the hassle of chains or add-on sway bars. 99 Get it as soon as Mon, Sep 14. Also, one other thing, would it damage my E2 setup by adding the sway bar, please help. - Set the hitch head/hitch ball at the correct height.

Spring arms will not function with a hitch head of a different rating. Never exceed the specified weight ratings for the trailer, tow vehicle, hitch, hitch ball, or any other towing equipment. etrailer customer service recommended this system for my trailer and tow vehicle combination. If ground clearance is a consideration in your setup, one of the e2 trunnion hitches will work great for you. The E2 is a good hitch. tongue weight - ProgressWeight Distribution Hitches. Always load trailer correctly. The Fastway e2 trunnion style weight distribution hitch is a great product!

Hitch bar ③ may be used in either the up or down position (see Fig. (figure III) b) Position the hitch head on the hitch shank. Progress Mfg Round Bar Fastway E2 2-Point Sway Control RV Hitch. etrailer has a video review and instructions on the website too. Both offer fast and easy sway control and weight distribution. co m 4-POINT SWAY CONTROL ™ ATTENTION IT IS THE OPERATORS RESPONSIBILITY TO READ AND UNDERSTAND PRODUCT INSTRUCTIONS AND PROPER USE. NOTE: The ball height should be greater the than coupler height by approximately 3/4 to 1” (measured in step 2) to compensate for vehicle squat.

Read this owner’s manual thoroughly to become familiar with proper set-up and maintenance procedures. Read this owner’s manual thoroughly to become familiar with proper set-up and maintenance procedures. Fastway e2 2-Point Sway Control Round Bar Hitch,, 10,000 Lbs Trailer Weight Rating, 1,000 Lbs Tongue Weight Rating, Weight Distribution Kit Includes Standard Hitch Shank, Ball is Included 4. Best e2 hitch selection available. With its built-in sway control, the e2 hitch has no backing, turning, or weather restrictions - when you need sway control the most. Trancend Owner&39;s Manual Rev 09. Download Trancend Owner&39;s Manual Rev 09.

Follow trailer and tow vehicle manufacturers’ recommendations for placement and quantity of cargo. Clear instructions with pictures/diagrams. For your 3,400 lb trailer and 350 tongue weight, the weight distribution hitch I highly recommend is the Fastway e2 Weight Distribution with e2 hitch owners manual 2-Point Sway Control FA.

1 out of 5 stars 18. Without weight distribu-. INSTALL HITCH HEAD (Hitch ball must be installed before this step) a) Place spacer rivet with five (5) spacer washers (item 3) into the 1/2" hole located at the inside top of the hitch head channel. What a difference from our last TT (a Cirrus Hybrid). The Fastway e2 kit part FAwould be a great option for fighting the sag as it has a tongue weight range of up to 450 lbs. backing from a flat street to a steep uphill driveway. It creates a bridge between the trailer and vehicle, helping them work together like one unit instead of two, distributing weight more evenly to the axles of both vehicles. The Equal-i-zer hitch has been voted the 1 Hitch in America by thousands of Trailer Life Readers, for five years in a row.

In this guide, we will cover step by step how to set up a weight distribution hitch. · Towing - E2 Hitch e2 hitch owners manual Questions - posted in Towing Issues & Vehicles: Group, We picked our newRS up from Lakeshore RV last friday (yay! For vehicles with air springs, air shocks or an automatic leveling system, check vehicle owners manual.

Your nearest Fastway e2 hitch dealership will have the tools needed and will usually install the hitch ball for a reasonable fee. This video will show how to: - Level the trailer. Fastway e2 - Faster, Easier.

IT IS THE DRIVER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE THE NECESSARY ADJUSTMENTS TO THEIR DRIVING. *For an updated and shorter version of this installation follow this link be/QFOkZpKrirI A complete installation of the Fastway® e2™ Round Bar. Standard package includes 2 sway control brackets, 1 hitch head, 1 standard shank, 2 spring arms, 1 snap up lever, owners manual and installation hardware. pdf: 10:29: 2. Would it be wise to add another sway control bar to assist the E2 hitch to better control the sway of my trailer. What is E2 hitch?

With an e2, your front axle. The e2&39;s rigid brackets provide two points of steel-on-steel friction, constantly working to fight sway. As far as a weight distribution is concerned, it is very good as is most any other WD hitch. Figure 2 10fastwaytrailer. Are E2 trunnion hitches good? For a hitch ball you&39;d then want the part 40038 and then to install the ball you&39;d need a thin walled socket like the ALL643216.

Weight distribution hitch installation involves leveling the trailer, measuring vehicle and trailer height, mounting the hitch head, shank, spring bars and hookup brackets, and adjusting the weight distribution hitch as needed. What is E2 rigid bracket? Universal e2™ 2-Point Sway Control Trunnion Hitch with Shank without Ball - Part Numberby Fastway. Here&39;s my question. Lakeshore put a Equalizer E2 hitch on the trailer. We love it and camped out in it last weekend. A weight distribution system would be a great option to reduce that. Filename Date Modified Size; e2 Hitch roundbar_instructions_0710_small.

It is easy to install and maintain your Equal-i-zer hitch. Download Trancend Owner&39;s Manual Rev 01. When you&39;re towing equipment to the job site, toys to play, or your camp trailer for a fun family getaway, you need the added convenience and protection of t.

*For an updated and shorter version of this installation, follow this link be/STB0GgrcDOU A complete install of the Fastway® e2™ Trunnion weigh. Figure 1 - Set top of hitch ball height between 0” and 1” above the top of the coupler height, with the trailer parallel to the ground. The only location I could come up with right now. Hitch ball not included. CZC AUTO Hitch Clamp Anti-Rattle Stabilizer Hitch Tightener for 2 Inch Hitches of Trailers SUV Vans RV Hitch Tray Cargo Carrier Bike Rack Trailer Ball Mount 2 Pack . By following our step-by-step instructions, your Equal-i-zer hitch will last for generations.

need the e2™ hitch, giving you faster and easier weight distribution and sway control. If you can mount the brackets in that range the e2 hitch will work great for you. We had an old chain style and friction sway bar on our previous TT, so this is new. The e2 hitch changes the way the tow vehicle and trailer couple together while providing excellent built-in sway control. The two points of sway control on the e2 are at the brackets and the friction is what creates the outstanding sway control of this system. This will ensure that your e2 hitch will give you maximum performance and years of service. Warranted against manufacturer defects for a period of 10 years.

- Correct placement of the brackets on the trailer frame. First thing - had to move the breakaway switch (and as there&39;s no battery on the tongue yet - it doesn&39;t work). Equal-i-zer’s superior technology makes it the best performing sway control hitch on the market, working to keep your family safe, every time you tow.

Its rigid brackets give you permanent sway control for smarter, safer towing. Old-fashioned chain-style hitches don’t provide built-in sway control, and add-on sway controls are a hassle to remove when backing up and making tight turns. The correct set up of your e2 hitch will give you the best sway control and weight distribution.

Fastway e2 2-Point Sway Control Trunnion Hitch,, 8,000 Lbs Trailer Weight Rating, 800 Lbs Tongue Weight Rating, Weight Distribution Kit Includes Standard Hitch Shank, Ball NOT Included 4. Place the top of the hitch ball at the Adjusted Trailer Height found in step 3. The e2 hitch comes in round-bar and trunnion styles.

Important Hitch Information Weight Distribution: Weight distribution is the ability of a hitch to transfer some of the tongue weight of the trailer from the rear axle of the tow vehicle to the front axle of the tow vehicle, and backward to the trailer axles. It does not have any new revaluation on how to apply WD. Below are the hitches we offer in both the round bar and trunnion styles: Bought your 10,000 lb weight distribution hitch for our 35&39; long, 6,800 lb travel trailer.

E2 hitch owners manual

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